#fp Transformation

This is something I tweeted today as part of the Friday Phrases genre.  This expansion is for @bobbibowwoman


The itch was unbearable.  She scrabbled at her body, pulling off skin as it puckered and swelled.

More scales patterned her skin?

Scales?  What the heck….

Her legs started to blister, her feet ballooning like they were filled with water.  She couldn’t look as they popped loudly, leaving only the bones behind.  Only scream again.

Now the pain in her back was driving her crazy.  Right in the place she couldn’t reach with the scaly hands that were elongating as she looked.  She was pushed to the floor by a sudden weight. Unable to move or breath for a moment, it was a chance to rest.

The weak sunlight warmed her as she lay there.  A slight breeze tickled her nose.  Opening her eyes, her vision was dazzled by a new focus.  Everything was clearer, brighter, more colourful.  Things smelt so much better – tantalising her, teasing her to come and find out why.

Raising her head, she tried to get up only to find she rose into the air.  The transformation was complete.

In the garden a butterfly flew for the first time.

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