Game Over

“You gonna eat that?” He eyed my food greedily.

“Yeah… maybe… no… you want some – all of it?”

I’d been pushing my food round the plate again. I was thinking hard about my next move. Best restaurant this side of Tixlit, best meal on the menu and all I could do was prod it from one side to another. Not that it was still moving or anything. Elena’s Exotic Eatery was famed throughout the universe for the best food going at the best prices.

Yet here I was, undecided about whether to take a mouthful or do whatever I needed to do next.

My table companion’s heavy hand reached across and grabbed the meat. He bit into it, slurping down the juices and chewing in a way that left me no option but to see everything churning in his mouth, like some human shaped washing machine. His mama had obviously never bothered to teach him table manners. I don’t think I would have either, he was one big boy.

“S’good… you shoulda ….” The big man’s speaking and chewing was interrupted by him pulling out a bone which he threw over his shoulder. The enormous dog sitting behind pounced on it quickly, sliding under the table for safety.

I was still undecided what to do. It shouldn’t have ended like this. I had loved that woman more than anyone else I had come across. She was everything I needed: sassy, kind, moneyed. I could’ve moved up in the world, leaving my past behind, started afresh. Then her smart-alec dad put a tail on me and all my secrets came spilling out.

It’s hard when you’re on the run. People start to avoid you: things become much more expensive, money becomes scarce. I ended up on the dark side of every planet I landed on, always one step ahead of the bounty hunter. Until I reached here: too tired to eat, too tired to make a decision.

A blast of cold air, the door had opened. This time I knew it was too late. I turned and faced my nemesis.

Game Over.

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