Write Off

It is hard to be rational when your heart is in pain.

I want to scream and shout like a toddler having a tantrum. Yet here I sit, having to be adult about it all. I thought I’d found my tribe. I thought I’d found a team whose values matched my own. I had. I had that in the palm of my hand. A place to be comfortable. Somewhere that I could contribute, somewhere I felt at home. My tribe. Mine.

Yet some bastard took it away from me and that stings.

I don’t want to be rational right now.  I am betrayed.  Promised the earth, only to find those empty promises melted away like snow on a sunny day.  Dust in my hand. A taste of ashes in my mouth.

I won’t forget. Not sure I’ll be able to forgive either.

And you wonder why I have trust issues??

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