#writing dare – 99 words starting “The baby was screaming again”

The baby was screaming again.

Every day. Pretty much all day, the baby screamed.

Truth was if she’d known about all this, then she might had changed her mind about it all. But no-one asked her. Even if they had, they wouldn’t have understood her. She spoke a language that had few interpreters in this place. Someone, somewhere needed to get the message before it was too late.

Carefully opening her eyes, she glanced around to see if she could attract some attention. Nobody around.

Her baby sister was hungry again. She knew that even if her mom didn’t.

#writing dare: 99 words starting with “These blueprints are wrong” she said

“These blueprints are wrong” she said, tapping the paper lying on the table.

“You sure?” I replied.

“Yup. See… here and here… and that bit… doesn’t match what we’ve got on our hands.”


“I asked you to get the ones for the high performance vehicle, did I not?” she queried, one eyebrow raising slightly. “That is not what I’m looking at”

I could feel my face redden as the realisation sunk in that I was looking at something that was really not what I had been asked for. Some master-thief, me.


Santa’s sledge secret was safe. For now.

Writing Dare #7

“I never liked that woman”

I heard her say.

“She’s far too stuck up.”

“Oh,” chimed another, “And her hair. Have you seen what she’s done to her hair?”

“Oh yes” replied the first voice. “Mutton dressed as lamb if ever I saw it. Your nails look nice – goes with your dress lovely.”

“And another thing” said a third voice “Have you seen who she’s with? I nearly fainted when I saw him with her.”

Standing up, I flushed the toilet and opened the door. Shocked faces. You know what they say, eavesdroppers never hear good things about themselves.