Life for me is going to change very shortly.

After a long period of searching for a job, I finally managed to find one.  The frustration of not hearing after submitting the application form, or of just being pipped at the post is behind me.  A definite cause for celebration.  Instead, it’s been the new frustration of waiting for a start date.  Now I’ve got that too.

I’ve been struggling over the weeks with the waiting and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bothering me.   Then I remembered: it was like being back at school in the final couple of weeks of the summer holidays.  Do you remember those days?  You loved being at home, just doing nothing or hanging out with friends.  Then you get that itch.  The itch of boredom, when you realise that you’re missing something, but you don’t want to admit what that something is.  Until it sneaks up on you that you really want to get back to school.

That’s where I am now.  Kinda bored, kinda itching to get started.  Certainly, kinda worried about getting into a new routine, with new people, a new role but also excited.  Yet calm.  That long-lasting itch of wanting to belong is about to be scratched.

I can’t wait!




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